Jane Austen: Derbyshire, England


Mid June, 2019

In June of 2019, we will be continue to explore the English countryside while reading Pride & Prejudice, by Jane Austen, as a sacred text. The dates and exact programming are still being confirmed, but this will be an unusual path through our beloved P&P. We will have long days of walking in Derbyshire and will be paying attention to Lizzie’s time on holiday with the Gardiners. The trip will be relatively short (most likely 4 nights). If you want to see Austen’s house, the Austen museum in Bath, etc., there are lots of great ways to expand the trip for yourself. But what we will be doing is walking with Lizzie and asking ourselves the question that she is asking herself while on this short holiday, “how do I know what my best life looks like?”

More information forthcoming! Sign up for our newsletter to hear about when registration opens. It will be sometime in mid-November.