Exploring the Sacred Space of Books, Writing and Landscapes

"I knew that there would be walking, talking, and reading. I didn't expect to feel fully at home in my body for the first time as I ran up a chalky white cliff overlooking the sea. I didn't expect that reading in community would be a thousand times more fun, funny, and rewarding than reading as a solitary exercise. My undying gratitude to everyone who made this trip happen--thanks for walking with me." - a participant on our Virginia Woolf trip in June, 2018


Common Ground is a pilgrimage project of Not Sorry Productions.  Common Ground pilgrimages integrate reading, writing, walking, and chaplaincy so participants can make space for wisdom and meaning in their lives. 

We plan these trips with the explicit goal of addressing the spiritual needs of our participants. Through community, rigor, and ritual, we treat traditionally secular things as if they were sacred. In this commitment, we practice empathy, hope, and courage and move closer to treating one another as sacred.

We keep these trips small and deliberate and make an effort to both meet pilgrims where they are and to push them. These trips are rooted in rigor and practice and are much more than travel. They are an attempt to, through the ancient practice of pilgrimage, have meaningful experiences that we take back with us long after the trip is over and live our lives as changed people.