I've been reading since I was four and been walking since one, but I learned a completely different way to do both on this tour. I've never met people that I respected more than Stephanie, Vanessa, Liz and Julia. 



This pilgrimage was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. As someone who loves to walk, to read, and to think deeply with others about the meanings of texts, I enjoyed every aspect of this journey. Walking the same ground that the text’s author walked mystically led to a deeper connection to the text and to myself. Do not be afraid to come by yourself, because you will find kindred spirits here!



To be a pilgrim in this Virginia Woolf 2018 pilgrimage is one of the best things that ever happened in my life. The walks and talks were in every way fulfilling.



I came on this trip on a bit of a lark. Little did I know that this lark would prove to be an incredibly moving and inspirational experience. Vanessa, Stephanie, Liz and Julia masterfully created this unique and encouraging environment where I was able to learn more deeply, communicate more carefully, and live a bit more hungrily than I ever had before.



Stephanie, Vanessa, Liz, and Julia created the perfect space for us to bond and be vulnerable and to make genuine connections with each other, the landscape, and the text. This trip was stimulating for my mind, my heart, and my soul. The self-reflection I was able to do has helped me to reconnect with parts of myself I'd been neglecting.



I was so apprehensive about this trip and it ended up being the most significant thing I've ever done. I returned home with more knowledge about my favorite book, more appreciation for the author, and with twenty new friends. I feel I'm a more confident person because I took this chance and I wouldn't trade my experience for anything. I can't wait to travel with Common Ground again!



I came back from the Little Women writing retreat feeling refreshed and energized. There is no greater medicine than nature and good strong words that mean something. I would highly recommend these retreats for anyone looking for the perfect adventure.



Amazing experience with a caring, compassionate and committed team of people truly passionate about the work they do. If I could, I would become a "groupie," participating in as many of these experiences as I could. Thank you for an experience I will carry with me always.